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The publishing industry is suffering from the move to digital and it requires an easy and affordable way to transition into digital. MagLoft helps publishers and digital agencies to create native iOS and Android apps, web versions and desktop apps for digital editions. MagLoft clients can signup for free and start to create, curate and upload content right away. They can use our powerful HTML5 editor to enhance both PDF and HTML content with rich media and more. Once ready to publish, clients simply submit some basic information and graphics about their magazine and click a button. MagLoft takes care of customizing, compiling and submitting the native iOS and Android apps to the app stores, and creates store listings, in app products/purchases and screenshots automatically. MagLoft also publishes clients content to the web in their customized viewer: http://highvoltage.magloft.com MagLoft clients get a simple and affordable solution for going full digital. Clients can create responsive content that will fit and read perfectly on any screen, size and orientation. They get simple tools to add interactive widgets for a more engaging publication. The MagLoft startup has been bootstrapped since January 2014 and has proven that there is a market for our product. We have paying clients and are breaking even. We are now in a position where we can scale up marketing and grow our team in order to capture large market shares. We are looking for a small seed/angel investment of $100K in order to market and set our team. From 2016 MagLoft will also provide the WordPress community with a freemium plugin that will allow any WordPress blog to curate and rehash their existing content into magazine editions published directly in the Apple and Google app stores. We are excited to be able to offer the digital publishers a simple tool yet more powerful then the majority of our competitors for a fraction of the price
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